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What makes a live casino?

As live dealer games really cathch onin the UK we are proud to announce that our viral marketing attention will focus on online casinos to evaluate the current trends beside tradiotional seo and ppc efforts. A study shows that word of mouth seems to be more valued than flashy ads. We will make every effort to map the gambling world in terms of buzzmarketing and will also digg into social sites to see what activities are there.

In order to be on the safe side you can pratice any casino game in flash, no download version on various online casino guides. You do not need to register or download anything - games are in flash and you can play slots direct from browser. Some of these guides let you play for hours and hours and they do not ask for anything in return.

To find safe and trusted online casinos is notan easy matter these days. Though google filters those with a bad practice but word of mouth negative campaigns needs time to reach google webspam team. Established guides can tell you a whole lot on those good and bad gambling portals.


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